Things to do in Cordoba

26 Things to do in Cordoba: Guide to planning Cordoba itinerary

Once the world’s largest city, a rival of Constantinople, Cordoba is perhaps the most underrated city in Spain, despite the fact that it is the only city in the modern world to host four UNESCO World Heritage sites: Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral, Historic City Center including Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos, The Cordoba Patios, and Palace Town of … Read more

Assisi streets with best views

12 Assisi Streets with the Best Medieval Architecture and Superb Views

Assisi is a magically atmospheric town that transports you right to Italy’s Middle Ages. Having been continuously inhabited for the past 3,000 years it has been shaped and reshaped by successive generations building on top of the structures left by their predecessors – everyone wanted to live within the protective confines of the city walls. … Read more

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Where to find Constantinople Today: On the Trail of Constantinople in Istanbul

Constantinople was one of the greatest cities in the world, the power seat of two major empires for over a thousand years. But where is Constantinople today? Well, it is hidden in plain sight in the heart of Istanbul, within the crumbling Constantinople Walls. Looking for Constantinople in Istanbul is a fascinating journey of discovering the Roman … Read more

Mezquita of Cordoba

Discover Moorish Cordoba in 16 Monuments

When the Arabs occupied Spain from 711 until 1236, Cordoba was the first capital of their kingdom – Al-Andalus. In 1000AD, Córdoba was a city of a million people. It was one of the most culturally and politically advanced cities in the world, a rival of Constantinople. The Moors left a magnificent legacy in Cordoba, … Read more

Plaza de La Villa

Discover Madrid Old Town: From the Moors to the Austrians

Unlike many other cities in Spain, Madrid doesn’t have a well-defined and easily discernible medieval city centre, something that could be considered an ‘old town Madrid’. But that’s not to say that you can’t discover it if you know where to look. To understand Madrid’s history and Spanish culture in general, you have to remember … Read more

Calle San Rafael in Alicante Old Town

Alicante Old Town – The Charming Barrio Santa Cruz

Alicante Old Town is the neighbourhood (or barrio) of Santa Cruz, lying just below the Santa Barbara Castle to the north of La Rambla. It spills down the slope of Mount Benacantil, and its total area is quite large. But the most picturesque area is the main residential area on the highest point of the … Read more

Cafes in Isbanbul

11 Best Cafes in Istanbul to Experience the Centuries-Old Cafe Culture

Looking to experience centuries-old cafe culture? Then drop by one of these best cafes in Istanbul and soak up the ambience. Whether you are exploring Sultanahmet, strolling along Istiklal Caddesi, or getting lost in the twisting streets of Balat, we’ve got you covered. Coffee may have been discovered by a goat herder in ancient Egypt, but cafe culture … Read more

Strahov Library, Prague

12 Hidden Gems in Prague Hiding in Plain Sight

Prague has one of the most perfectly preserved old towns in all of Europe. Its streets are lined with spectacular architecture – a bold fusion of medieval sturdiness, renaissance sophistication and baroque exuberance. It is practically an open-air museum of European art and history. And like in every museum, there are abundant hidden gems in … Read more